Tuesday, May 16, 2006

still news

some various news links today-

on the still museum:
clyfford still museum
david anfam: museum advisor

high rise for stapleton
for those of you new to the denver metro area, here is a quick bio on stapleton. right now it is the nation's largest infill development. until 1989, the land was in use by the old stapleton airport. since the new denver international airport has been in operation, the land was acquired by the city of denver and zoned for mixed-use, residential, and various retail. dubbed 'smart-growth' by urban planners, some critics have related it to nothing more than suburbia in a dinner jacket. but some positives include preservation of open space, a light rail line, and shared greenspace [no private lawns].

misc finds:
highlands bridge
old article, but an interesting idea-burying colfax?

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