Thursday, April 19, 2012

building on a hillside

an excellent "captain's log" by an architect [Padraic Cassidy] designing and constructing his own home in Mt. Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.  not just a dry account of construction details, progress and design intent, but some great musings on art, philosophy, modernist masterpieces, and touching pet fish memorial services. [all images by Padraic Cassidy]

building on a hillside by Padraic Cassidy

very exciting stuff...spring is in the air and construction projects await!


Monday, April 02, 2012

Peter Stutchbury lecture

In my inbox this morning:

We are extremely fortunate to have booked Peter Stutchbury for a lecture this year.
Peter is perhaps the best know Australian architect, outside of Glenn Murcutt, having received over 50 RAIA and AIA awards.

This is his first US speaking tour and we don't expect that he will be able to come back anytime soon.
I hope you'll also encourage your colleagues, friends and classmates to join us for this rare event.

Peter Stutchbury
Evolution or Adaptation? 
Peter Stutchbury Architecture, Australia
April 5th
6 pm Sharp Auditorium 
Denver Art Museum

thanks to Gabe for the heads up.