Friday, October 01, 2010

quote for 2010.Oct.01

This is a time in which belief is often overwhelmed by exponential change. Even in the most serious architectural circles, intellectual games and superficial dogma can take the place of affirmation, and the mediocrity and deadness of much of our environment continue to spread.

Yet, in all of our surroundings there is great richness and power. Belief in the sensuality of place, the emotive qualities of materials, and the ability to give pleasure and insight, to comfort, and to transport, can produce humane and spirited architecture. It is our belief that exceptional architecture comes from the search for solutions which respond to the particular circumstances inherent in each situation.

Increasingly, we have come to see that, in a sense, circumstances are infinite and that working within any one set of habits is too limiting. We must be alive to the subtleties of place, whether manmade or natural; to the varied nature of humans and their particular activities; to the qualities of their institutions; and to the nature of the means with which we build. With both intellect and intuition, we seek solutions that respond to the web of circumstances at hand.

Over the years the interplay of architects within our practice and our responses to more complex and demanding programs and varied environments have broadened our view of the circumstances that affect our work. We are peeling away the layers of our habits and preconceptions. We require open-mindedness, willingness, gentleness - a soft, yet no-holds-barred approach.
-- BCJ website