Tuesday, August 25, 2009

patio dining table prototype

latest project for the backyard:

patio dining table prototype
seats 8 persons comfortably; 10 persons max.

-[4] 4x4 cedar posts
-24 1x4 cedar slats [one side rough]
-a crap tonne of wood screws
-gorilla wood glue

36" W. x 108" L. x 30" H.

3d exploded axon rendering

the primary goal of the aesthetic is the idea of "zero-ness" by concealing every fastener and connection, as if the table was formed through sculpting or subtraction, rather than an additive process.

the materials were leftover from cedar fence project-> using 4x4 posts as structural support, and 1x4 slats for the table top. the top was conceived as a butcher block construction . the orientation of the boards would be strongest this way, and with spacers to let rain/snow fall through. with just a light sanding to finish there will be no stain or sealer applied, and the wood will turn a silvery-gray with weathering over time.

3d axon rendering of table design

margaritas on the job site? ["do what i say, not what I do kids..."]

a profile reminiscent of traditional japanese building forms
[the original aesthetic of minimalism was born out of necessity, not out of fashion]

the exposed "zero detail" where the 3 axes converge and disappear

one third of the table top complete and the chair is for performance testing

that's as far as we got. finalized pics coming soon.