Wednesday, May 10, 2006

clogged justice

we thought keeping this fresh in our short-termed & easily forgotten memory. for a few years now, denver has been looking to expand its city & county court/correctional facilities along the civic center corridor. [btw whats up wit dat?]
evidently just in time- [good heavens, the felons are sleeping on the floor... in sleds!]

the two design architects
have negotiated their fees, and the master plan architect of the new Justice Center [painful memories] has already fought some very strange battles with this city before. who cares about the local guys anyway? let's hear about the big stars. on budget? meet guidelines? psssh..these terms don't apply. watercolors make pretty. classical make stinky. who chose this schwartzenegger & de vito team anyway?
for certain-those judges and prosecutors will be the most tranquil on earth if we can just pay that man his money.

in the mean time, maybe the inmates can convince their neighbors to lend them some sugah.

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