Thursday, June 22, 2006

tattered cover

encore for a classic

architect josh comfort [project architect for the lawrence group] & developer st. charles town co. have carefully planned the re-emergence of the lowenstein theater, fitting a complex new program into an historic shell. the new location for the tattered cover bookstore has been a challenge to convert an old theater into a place where books are displayed. for one, book shelves don't like sloping floors. the building will also lease space to udi's restaurant & denver folklore center.

neighboring the bookstore is a new parking facility, by local denver architects semple brown design. the structure will also lease a space for the independent music store twist & shout, as well as neighborhood flix cinema and cafe and a chipotle restaurant.

the parking garage will be accessible to coincide with the grand opening of the bookstore on june 25th.

bands, books, banjos, beatniks, & burritos...all in one place
what more could you want?

site santa fe

pure and simple.
rocky mountain news reports on a somewhat controversial art gallery in santa fe, nm-SITE.
"The first thing visitors to the 2004 biennial at SITE Santa Fe saw was an exterior wall covered with big rubber rats and mangled baby dolls..."

but the new gallery director, laura heon, assures that those types of things will not happen again. she does seem to have a mild sadistic fetish about the space though:

"I love the building. It's not precious. It's an excellent playground. You can push it around."

a new exhibition starting july 9th called still points of the turning world will be on display until january. it is performance art meant to put the viewer "in the realm of the senses...but not to overwhelm the senses..."

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


by far the most intriguing & terrifying site we have ever come across:

prepare for the coming of the new dark times...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

coming soon...

from the grapevine growing in the authors old hood, a new loft building has been spawned courtesy of the new highland bridge. what else to call it than the highlands bridge lofts. we'll try to keep you posted on the latest details...

also-while we were searching for this juicy subject, not only did it made us thirsty for tequila, but also we found this:

denver uncommon
a collection of digital photographs taken of the finer urban details throughout denver. you can even order prints.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

re_visiting paris / london

found some images from london / paris taken exactly one year ago...
swiss re

tate modern



a subtle warning

bibliotheque nationale du france

fromage fromage fromage

parc de la villette

church at la defense

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

fllw in bim

architect thomas a heinz is featured in an article on the apple website to promote apple computers & a software called archicad. to put the software to the test, he reconstructed a frank lloyd wright designed house through building information modelling [bim]. the house was constructed based on heinz' drawings and will be featured in a television documentary on pbs in the fall of 2006. here is the trailer.

bim has become somewhat of a breakthrough in the way architects work. instead of producing construction documents for the contractor in a 2-dimensional drafting platform, the software allows the architect to build a 3d virtual model tied to an information database. this "4-dimensional" aspect of the database produces information about the project such as wall types, floor and roof assemblies, door schedules & specified materials with [literally] a click of the mouse. the architects can spend less time worrying about documentation & formatting drawings, and focus more on design uh....other things.

like making meatloaf...


Monday, June 12, 2006

denver infill

printed in ink from last weeks westword, here is an article on local urban planner ken schroeppel. when he's not working at his firm matrix design group, he is maintaining a website called is a comprehensive overview and photographic tour of all urban infill and redevelopment projects in the greater downtown denver area.

glad to see the article asks the imprtant questions like: where do you hang out? are you married? do you have kids? kind of personal for an interview on urban design, but i guess that's what you get from a [free] independent newspaper.

ken has created a very comprehensive snapshot of denver's urban character and even has an infill "scorecard" highlighting the newly developed areas within the city. he has a regular blog on the site, and even a section on the alleys of downtown denver.

and where is the worst spot in denver? 16th & Welton. straight from the man himself.

Friday, June 09, 2006

ghost lab

image courtesy of mls architects

it is my duty to inform the reader[s] of this blog that the author has been invited to participate in the 2006 ghost lab, hosted by architect brian mackay-lyons [plain modern]of mls architects on his farm outside of halifax. it is a two week design/build workshiop, recalling a more primitive architecture of the french traders, who first sat foot on the land in the early 1600s, currently known as nova scotia. what weather you say?

check out the past ghost labs on this page.

and in the spirit of spirits-here are images of some "real" ghosts.

ghost in a cemetary

ghost climbing stairs


the brown lady

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

new brown house

the weekly page for daily dose directs us to the new merchants row brownstones, a recently finished multi-unit residence in the five points neighborhood of denver.

modular 03

dan rockhill, a professor at kansas university, is the leader of a small pre-fab movement in kansas. every year, his studio804 convenes to design and build a modestly sized residence with modern ambitions. it has been announced that modular03 has been completed, and although it experienced some setbacks early on, looks to be a winner. be sure to take a tour from the beginning.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

ggd v3.0

if you spot a suspicious looking arrow, pin it against a door until help comes.