Wednesday, May 03, 2006

slow starts

slow starts...canine preoccupations...serial landscaping projects...visiting new yorkers...
computer meltdowns...mindless 'career-enhancing' exams...breathing steel dust...

[there is no excuse for you]

after considerable amounts of distraction, we finally present a digital cellar of news dedicated to the mostly unknown and possibly underground happening of art architecture & design in the rocky mountains from a point of view...

a word on the choice of name for this blog:

theartofwhere refers to the act of creation [specifically architecture] and offers a basic truth to the process of design. construction specifications-the written word of construction-offer the 'whatkind-how-when' explanation to building/making. construction drawings-the graphic representation-offer the sole purpose of 'where'. therefore-to design & make/build is to practice theartofwhere

the first official post topic is coming...soon.

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