Thursday, July 28, 2016

Alpine Modern: The Architect Explorer

An excellent interview feature with Larry Yaw of  Aspen based CCY Architects over at the Alpine Modern e-journal website:  

A solid look inside Larry's inspirations, cultural influences, design aspirations, life philosophy and what it means to create modern architecture in the mountain landscape.  He also talks about a constant struggle that we Architects have when making something new: " architecture derived of context, or does the architecture create the context?"  Most of his projects play with an intriguing tension of duality and meaning, public vs private, historic vs. new...
Looking forward to seeing more of CCY's work.

Aspen Historic Lake District renovation and addition

A couple of our favorite take-away quotes from the article:
“There’s opulence of thought and opulence of material—and those are two different things.”

“Part of the creative process is being lost, disoriented; you are seeking an answer in a way. Therefore, I never feel lost.”