Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ready. reset. go.

despite this rare poetic image from the window of an airplane, i spent a ridiculous amount of hours in the airline industry's web of a cluster-f*ck, both to and from the east coast. after flying the UN-friendly skies, i've come to a conclusion that the only way to save the airline industry is to completely start over from scratch. scrape all the airports [sustainably, of course heh heh] and re-think the way we travel in this country. maybe they become hovercraft stations or even underground high speed tube train hubs...whatever ... it should be better than what we currently have.

here's some random pics from the past week:

a little slice of paradise...

some local news: redline studios [pictured below], a project by semple brown design, recently opened in the RiNo [River Neighborhood Arts District] area of denver. the program included leasable studio spaces, offices, courtyard, and a cafe remodeled from what was once a shipping warehouse:

redline studios [semple brown design]

RedLine promotes the creative expression of emerging and mid-career artists in various disciplines through the active engagement of diverse audiences. The mission of RedLine is to serve as an incubator for emerging artists and to create a vibrant community gathering place that will provide a unique cultural draw to the neighborhood while strengthening and enhancing the art community in the City of Denver.

more in the press about redline here, here and here.

also in my inbox today was a flyer for a book signing, if you happen to be near lunenburg, nova scotia:

also, while you're there you can rent-a-ghost: shobac cabins