Thursday, May 11, 2006


so we found this in today's westword. yes-the mcart is the little engine that should. everyone in the design community is rooting for it, but the damn thing cannot seem to make it up over that steep hill called 'mount cashflow'. originally , the project budgeted in around $6 million, and since then has over doubled with the adjaye design estimated at $15 million. it seems the crew is still looking for that misplaced toothfairy money.
the article calls for public support. and why not? the city of denver is givng all this money to clyfford still's mauseleum museum. and although that would be nice-heres why no city love for the mcart:

1-$6,000,000 budget shortfall on 25, 000 sq. foot building
2-developer's relationship to board of mcart
3-mcart operates entirely on private funds
4-design team was selected only after 'pro bono' availability

now we don't know about everyone else, but if we were the city of denver, we wouldn't want to touch this thing with another city's pole. litigation & and an ethics nightmare. not to mention the bad name given to all designers who work hard for the money. but i digress...

one of my favorite parts of the article came when it quoted the introductory speaker for mr. adjaye, ian ruskey:

'He said that he and his fellow students had picked Adjaye because they really liked the way he talked, mentioning not only his ideas about architecture, but his "neat accent," too.'
what?! holy crap ruskey. even if you were joking, we can't forgive you for that one. was it this PS1 you attended? or this one? so much for speech & poise. we can imagine you saying that with your pink hard hat on...

weve seen
mr adjaye speak, and he is a modest man with good ideas and will eventually need no introduction. in england he has built scores of provocative houses, and the new idea store campaign is a hit. but until he gets mcart exposed, he will need one in this country.

so we say to you dear reader[s], that you must support the cause and not the method. impossible? maybe. denver deserves a space like this. so we end with some advice to the head[s] at mcart:

dont bite the hand that feeds...youll get slapped

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