Thursday, May 04, 2006


a pixelated nod to an old friend- danny from NYC -a fellow designer and his blog werlew that he updates on a frequent can find it here as a permanent link from now on >

springtime is here. most of all weve been looking forward to upcoming parties every single weekend. the
cheesy kind and the intellectual kind. nevermind that everything is turning green here. hard to believe that in a desert climate that gets 300 days of sunshine a year, we still feel isolated. good thing denver invented the cheeseburger to keep us company [not kidding], or those parties would be meaningless. but this week, we trade our burgers for burritos on cinco de mayo since it is one of the largest of its kind in the usa, and make sure to attend at least one event. and while youre in town, make sure to see the body worlds 2 exhibit at the nature & science museum. you won't be disappointed i promise.

since this is a design blog, i must end on a design note. the newest development in denver is the future realization of the new
clyfford still museum. the organization has just announced the proposed building site- lo & behold it will be a gem amongst giants.
also-some more information via blogspot fromthefloor

from a private hard hat tour of the
libeskind structure, to my shock, I found it will have very little or no natural light in the main galleries ['construction' section on the flash site]

and from word-of contractor-mouth, the
scaffolding budget to finish the drywall in the atrium alone cost:

wait for it...

a an ice cold......... $1,000,000

all is still....

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