Thursday, January 11, 2007

best of [my] 2006

alright-a brief recap of 2006

best travel destination:

nova scotia. canada: ghost lab 8

runner up: nyc

best book read [fiction]:

haunted. chuck palahniuk

runner up: house of leaves

best book read [architectural]:

plain modern. malcolm quintrell and brian mackay-lyons

runner up: sean godsell

best new music [album]:

the eraser. thom yorke

runner up: at war with the mystics. the flaming lips

best music [live]:

nine inch nails. red rocks amphitheater. may 31

runners up: sigur ros. paramount theater, february 23; devotchka. boulder theater. october 31; bloc party. ogden theater. march 19

best film:

the fountain. darren aronofsky

runners up: brick; half nelson; the science of sleep

favorite photos of 2006 [personal]:

runner up:

best architectural additions to denver:

highland pedestrian bridge over i-25

photo by
runners up: light rail expansion; hyatt convention center hotel; denver art museum expansion


danny said...

nice list. I saw DeVotchka this year also and it ranks in my top 3 shows of the year: Weakerthans, DeVotchka, Death Cab/Franz Ferdinand

Science of Sleep, though, I didn't really dig it as much as I thought I would. It was too much Gondry - too much of a good thing.

archaalto said...

understandable. that's why I had it as runner up. it was fun, but definitely very manic and all over the place. he tried to capture too many ideas, and therefore the characters got lost in the fantasy world.