Tuesday, January 02, 2007

steven holl back on track

steven holl's newest addition to the nelson-atkins museum in kansas city, has been lit up for the holidays and causing traffic jams by gawking motorists. an article at the NYT goes deeper into holl's design intent, and his recent false starts with high profile projects including the denver courthouse, cornell school of architecture, the "turbulence house" and of course the controversial MIT dorm. but amidst all the criticism, holl remains ever optimistic and intensely devoted to his approach to ideas with the new addition:
“It’s not an object, “ Mr. Holl said. “You can’t compare it to anything like Bilbao or all the generations of Bilbao’s. The only way to see it is to move through it.”

opening on 06.09.2007, the $196 million overhaul of the 73-year old institution will be a chance for holl to "return to form."


Anonymous said...

Cue the Barry White music!

That is one seductive building!


Reverb said...

I haven't talked to anyone here in KC who has been inside the building and not been completely taken.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the museum should consider passing out post-orgiastical cigarettes. I look forward to being viscerally ravished (in a PG-13 good clean fun kind of way) by this building.

BTW: Thank you Pilkington Glass for the free design service!

archaalto said...

stranger: "I'm here to clean the pool..."

girl: "But I don't have a pool..."