Friday, January 26, 2007

solar lunar microwave power

in the may 2002 archives of the american institute of physics
"...many different beams of 12-cm wavelength microwaves would deliver power to receivers at sites located worldwide. Each receiver would supply commercial power to a given region. Such a receiver, called a rectenna, would consist of a large field of small rectifying antennas. A beam with a maximum intensity of less than 20% of noontime sunlight would deliver about 200 W to its local electric grid for every square meter of rectenna area. [italics added] Unlike sunlight, microwaves pass through rain, clouds, dust, and smoke. In both scenarios, power can be supplied to the rectenna at night."
microwaves from the moon?????!!!!!!

here is a follow-up [and a bit more technical] article by the same author david r. criswell:

amazingly enough, this is not a new idea. first know studies of using microwaves from the moon as an energy source were from a hungarian physicist, Zoltan Bay.

here some images and scans of the original notes regarding his studies. another little fact is that he helped develop the tungsten filament for light bulbs. wikipedia entry.

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