Friday, November 17, 2006

T_REX up and running

today at 11am, the $1.75 BILLION, 19-mile light rail expansion project-T_REX- will open it's rails to the first commuters along the I-25 and I-225 corridors. RMN has a story.
over a span of 5 years, the project was contracted out under a design-build delivery method, allowing the schedule to be cut down to one-third of the time compared to traditional methods. trip fares will range from $1.75 to $2.75, depending upon distance.
along with the new light rail expansion, the corridor gained 17 new miles of 2-lane highway on each side, making it one of the largest civil engineering projects in the nation. Other articles here and here.

denver plans to expand its light rail even further to connect denver with municipalities as far as boulder, longmont, golden and westminster under the name of the FasTracks Plan.


danny said...

Nice. Do you live in an area that's nearby the new light rail, or ever plan on using it? Or is it more of a pipeline to suburban Denver?

archaalto said...

it's weird because the light rail does connect to the suburbs, but also to the "Tech center", which is a business center. the light rail is still limited, so where I work i can't use it, but it is very efficient and does connect to major landmarks downtown like sports arenas, the convention center, and the 16th street mall.