Thursday, October 05, 2006

klipp to denver: "show me the money!"

confirmed from the previous post:
architect quits justice center project
all due to budget/fee constraints
"...we certainly knew there were issues for the last couple weeks," the decision to proceed without Holl was up to the Klipp team.

"We have been holding Klipp accountable for delivering the project on time and on budget," Mejía said.

also at RMN-Jail project loses Architect
Councilman Doug Linkhart, chairman of the council safety committee, was more specific. Linkhart said that Holl and Klipp had a fundamental difference over design concepts at the center, at Elati Street and West 14th Avenue.

"I'm certainly concerned about it," he said. "The schedule is a potential issue. But also, will they design as interesting a building as Steven Holl? He's a world-famous architect."

but steven, i thought we had you at "hello...nice scarf..."

and now, a lament:

As the saffron scarf sails away

a black holl is left exposed.

The Dali Lama weeps.

--Epicure of Epicures


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J Hickenlooper said...

Dear Klipp,

Thanks for the screw job. No one went to see you lecture and no one would.


-The Team.

PS - The Hyatt is a cliche