Monday, October 30, 2006

george hoover-advocate for public architecture

here's a well-written perspective by a local denver architect, george hoover. he is an active member of the architecture faculty at CU Denver and has been practicing architecture in denver since 1961-establishing his firm, hooverdesmond architects ar7] founded in 1976. in his article, "an architect's drive for excellence", he states that:
Many of us who live in Denver have designed and built in distant cities and countries, generally because our clients found we were best suited to help meet their aspirations, regardless of our place of residence. Design talent exists both within and beyond city limits. Those who seek genuine architectural excellence do not allow arbitrary boundaries to limit their search for the right match.
Thus, hyperbole such as "ego- driven icons designed by the famous" is not only misleading, it distracts from the core issue here: how we define, value and realize excellence.

his article not only outlines a manifesto for collaboration, and also wards against the pitfalls of making decisions based up on expediency.

maybe george should make his way out of [semi-]retirment...

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Anonymous said...

I lift my glass to Citizens who bravely speak with their conscience where others remain silent, to Architects who scan the horizons where others close their eyes and to Artist who bare their soul where others shroud in shame.

Thank you George for your beautiful article; it has made many people happy.