Wednesday, October 04, 2006

holl to denver: "I QUIT!"

new york based architect steven holl, whose firm was selected in a competition to design the almost $400 million court complex for denver, has had enough. In Judicial Complex, architect part ways, it states that:
"After several months of collaboration, it was concluded that the Denver Justice Center Project objectives could not allow (Steven Holl Architects) to design a building consistent with Steven Holl's design philosophy," the local architecture firm said in a statement.

i'll bet the local associate architects for the project Klipp, are doing their end zone touchdown dance right now...

if history in this town proves correct, klipp assumes full responsibility for the design & construction of the new courthouse. besides-why would the city of denver go through another expensive search & interview for another architect? stay tuned for the next laughing stock story from denver, usa...

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