Thursday, June 22, 2006

tattered cover

encore for a classic

architect josh comfort [project architect for the lawrence group] & developer st. charles town co. have carefully planned the re-emergence of the lowenstein theater, fitting a complex new program into an historic shell. the new location for the tattered cover bookstore has been a challenge to convert an old theater into a place where books are displayed. for one, book shelves don't like sloping floors. the building will also lease space to udi's restaurant & denver folklore center.

neighboring the bookstore is a new parking facility, by local denver architects semple brown design. the structure will also lease a space for the independent music store twist & shout, as well as neighborhood flix cinema and cafe and a chipotle restaurant.

the parking garage will be accessible to coincide with the grand opening of the bookstore on june 25th.

bands, books, banjos, beatniks, & burritos...all in one place
what more could you want?

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Mr. Martini said...

I'm glad I found your site. this is cool. I've been away from Denver too long. Didn't even realize the Tattered Cover was moving...