Tuesday, June 13, 2006

fllw in bim

architect thomas a heinz is featured in an article on the apple website to promote apple computers & a software called archicad. to put the software to the test, he reconstructed a frank lloyd wright designed house through building information modelling [bim]. the house was constructed based on heinz' drawings and will be featured in a television documentary on pbs in the fall of 2006. here is the trailer.

bim has become somewhat of a breakthrough in the way architects work. instead of producing construction documents for the contractor in a 2-dimensional drafting platform, the software allows the architect to build a 3d virtual model tied to an information database. this "4-dimensional" aspect of the database produces information about the project such as wall types, floor and roof assemblies, door schedules & specified materials with [literally] a click of the mouse. the architects can spend less time worrying about documentation & formatting drawings, and focus more on design uh....other things.

like making meatloaf...


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I love meatloaf!!!