Monday, June 12, 2006

denver infill

printed in ink from last weeks westword, here is an article on local urban planner ken schroeppel. when he's not working at his firm matrix design group, he is maintaining a website called is a comprehensive overview and photographic tour of all urban infill and redevelopment projects in the greater downtown denver area.

glad to see the article asks the imprtant questions like: where do you hang out? are you married? do you have kids? kind of personal for an interview on urban design, but i guess that's what you get from a [free] independent newspaper.

ken has created a very comprehensive snapshot of denver's urban character and even has an infill "scorecard" highlighting the newly developed areas within the city. he has a regular blog on the site, and even a section on the alleys of downtown denver.

and where is the worst spot in denver? 16th & Welton. straight from the man himself.

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