Friday, September 23, 2011

Mid-Century Modern Tour in Wheat Ridge

In my inbox today [tickets can be purchased here for $15]:

Mid Century Modern Tour in Wheat Ridge 
Six mid-century and moderns homes have been selected for tour ticket holders. The tickets will allow for entrance into the homes and the after party at modmood. Maps for the tour can be picked- up the day of the tour at modmood (7700 w. 44th avenue) and one other location which has yet to be determined. You won't want to miss this look back into the history of Wheat Ridge.

While its roots are grounded in an agricultural based heritage, the City of Wheat Ridge possesses another subtle yet quite coveted identity. A western suburb of Denver, Wheat Ridge is rich with some of the most remarkable examples of mid-century modern residential architecture in the entire Front Range region.

Sprinkled throughout Wheat Ridge are little-known pockets and, in some cases, complete neighborhoods of Mid Century Modern design. So, how did Wheat Ridge, with its rather rural and agricultural identity, attract a decidedly modern residential twist?

The physical location of Wheat Ridge lent itself perfectly to an explosion of suburban residential development in the 1950’s. This period of growth happened to be timed perfectly with modern architectural experimentation being developed. The topography and natural environs of the City, including an abundance of breathtaking vistas bordered by open-space and the Clear Creek greenbelt, encouraged - and almost commanded - a modernist approach to the design and development of its residential neighborhoods.

Mid-Century Modern design emphasizes structures with ample windows, open floor-plans and a strong connection to the indoor/outdoor experience. Many Mid-century houses utilized groundbreaking post and beam design that eliminated bulky support walls in favor of walls made of glass. Function was as important as form in MCM design, with an emphasis placed specifically on targeting the needs of the average American family.

Wheat Ridge 2020* has organized Tour Modern Wheat Ridge, which will provide access to some exemplary mid-century, modern and contemporary homes found through-out their city.

Here are images of a couple of the homes on the tour:

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