Thursday, September 22, 2011

comic strip 'city limits' on denver airport expansion

there is an incredible amount of snark in the comic below, for better or for [much] worse.  it is also incredibly sad because deep down, we designers know that the public could see this version [although sarcastic] as a plausible alternative...and very unfortunate because the current architects of record have an unfairly steep uphill battle that may never be cleared of pre-existing stigmas.  [they are also some very close friends and colleagues--good luck guys!]

it seems the damage has been done both politically and artistically, and if this is the public's new perception of the project how can any amount of design make it better?  it must be like inheriting a huge responsibility with the expectation of guaranteed success, only to get a kick in the groin at the same time.  it must be how Tim Cook at Apple feels now that Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO.

And if you haven't heard of Tim Cook, than you have proved the point...

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