Monday, May 16, 2011

studio 804: Center of Design Research

historic photo of chamney dairy farm [studio 804]

dan rockhill & his jayhawks in lawrence, ks are quickly making their new design-build project come to life. foregoing the usual modular house as in past years, the new center for design research is a step up in scope, complexity and sustainability goals:

The new Center for Design Research building, located on the historic Chamney Dairy Farm in Lawrence, Kansas, is a response to the emerging culture and support of sustainability at the University of Kansas. In congruence with the center's mission, which is to provide a location for interdisciplinary work between multiple schools, the new building will provide a facility that aids in the education of the university and community on sustainable strategies, material innovation and building efficiency.

The design for the new building implements sustainable strategies to maximize the potential of existing resources, minimize environmental degradation, create an environment that is safe, comfortable and efficient and provide an iconic representation of sustainability for the University of Kansas. Through the implementation and expression of sustainable systems, the building will provide a space for professional collaboration and community education while displaying a wide range of sustainable strategies. In doing so, it will showcase the advances of green building technologies and products, serving as a standard for the future development of the University and CDR.

existing site [studio 804]

studio 804 intend to reach the same ambitious goal as their last couple projects with a passive house certification. this includes an airtight exterior building envelope, super-insulated walls, roof and floor slab as well as a 90% energy savings [from baseline] by harnessing the southern sun for most of the facility's heat. this strategy is aided by triple paned insulated glass and sunshades and/or deep overhangs to avoid overheating in the summer months. natural ventilation is carefully calculated into the design along with an heat exchanging mechanical system to limit the need for pre-conditioned air.

limestone wall mock-up [studio 804]

a handsome rendering gives us a glimpse of the finished facility, complete with living roof, south facing courtyard, large expanses of glass and stacked limestone cladding. follow the gang's weekly construction progress here. we look forward to seeing more of this great work.

exterior rendering [studio 804]

week 12 construction photo [studio 804]



scat said...

Look forward to seeing this one built. There aren't many projects that have moved away from the large unit limestone module so it will be interesting to a more contemporary app. So when is ksu going to catch up to these guys with design/build???

scat said...

Look forward to seeing this one built. There aren't many projects to move away from the larger limestone module to a more contemporary app. So when is ksu going to catch up on the design/build???

archaalto said...

very good question scat--my alma mater has been trying like hell to get a consistent design-build program started for years, but it just doesn't seem to materialize. for all i know they could have one now, but it just doesn't get the recognition or press like studio804. the addition of the "passivhauser" standard is a very intriguing ingredient to the recent projects rockhill has dished out, and we are very curious to see how this might end up in the developer market. applying the PH design criteria here in denver is something we are intently watching mostly due to harnessing our ample sunlight every year. we are learning that PH is much more nuanced than super-insulated, airtight, south facing buildings.