Friday, May 20, 2011

clyfford still museum progress

panorama view from the south

it was announced recently that the new allied works designed clyfford still museum will open its doors to the public on November 18th, 2011. the new facility will house over 90% of the artist's career body of work for display, including paintings, prints, sketches, and the only 3 sculptures ever created by still.

the building recently had the concrete forms removed from the massive exterior walls to reveal a highly textured surface of vertically oriented striations. this same texture will supposedly be carried out through the entire structure, even on the interior walls and ceilings at the main level.

view from the northwest
rendered animation of the completed design by allied works architecture

the interior gallery spaces shown in the animation give us a good idea at the sophisticated ceiling scrim that will filter daylight to the upper level galleries. the allied works museum project page has grown exponentially in the past few months, with depictions of gallery sections, program diagrams, renderings, and other construction images.

we will keep watching this development with great interest...


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Where is the site located?