Tuesday, July 10, 2007

bush presidential library

image of clinton presidential library by polshek partnership from mitzenmacher , "ranch ramblins"

mary voelz-chandler from the RMN pokes fun at the possibility of a bush presidential library. but she also asks some relevant questions about the place of these particular buildings and their purpose:

"...I know they're basically privately funded and useful to scholars. But besides offering a place in the sun for those who miss the spotlight, what exactly do these places do? Or, today, mean?

...with the introduction of the "interpretive planner," I think some of the (dare I say it) purity has gone out the window. Conversely, I fear these planners don't really exploit the populist ideal. After all, they are between a rock and a hard place: Do they stress reality, as in recording the lows of an administration along with the highs? Or do they hew to the family's desire to present a squeaky-clean statesman who never, ever did anything wrong?

...If I were the interpretive planner for the George W. Bush presidential
library, I know what I'd include. Sure, there would be a copy of the Bible on which he swore the presidential oath, and menu cards from state dinners, and appointment books and e-mails between and among him, his staff and world leaders, including those who used to be our friends.
But get real. What would sell would include a room for his actual library, things like Maxim and the treacly (but aptly titled) The Little Prince.

In light of this week's big news, there'd be the Libby Lounge, a snug
spot stocked with copies of Our Judicial System for Dummies. The
presidential closet would include sharply pressed - and unworn -National Guard uniforms. And who could resist an interactive maze on the library grounds, the Find the Weapons of Mass Destruction Labyrinth?"

mary, we never knew you had such a fun sense of humor...
speaking of presidential libraries in regards to their respective legacies-the nixon library just opened...
also this. oh and if you wan to see what it looks like, you can see the country club inspired travesty here [scroll down]...

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