Friday, March 02, 2007

in the pit

photography by Ana Lorena Ochoa

en el hoyo, a new film by Juan Carlos Rulfo, documents the lives of the men building the immense expansion to the second deck of mexico city's periferico freeway.
"Mexican legend recounted that every bridge being built the devil would ask for one soul, so that the bridge never falls. This film tells the story of the workers who are participating to the construction of a second deck to Mexico City's inner Periferico freeway. This second deck is about to transform the city, its landscape and the lives of its inhabitants. It is the story of those whose hands and sweat go into the making of this mammoth work of concrete, steel and asphalt. The workers' daily lives, their hopes, their dreams and their dignity for survival. Contrasts, emotions and small moments that shall culminate in the loss of a soul taken by the devil. A soul that will remain as a memory of the workers who built the second deck."
"the pit is but the pretext...what you encounter is life."
view the trailer here

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