Thursday, March 15, 2007

scatterbrain blogo-crazy

let us see-where do we start, where do we begin?

as of today [yes today!], peter zumthor's new book on the therme vals spa in switzerland is for sale on amazon. better snatch it up now before the price jumps to $2K by next year [RE-PZ:Works].


here's another book that is recommended reading for all those interested in regionalism within architectural practice. salmela architect.

Salmela Architect provides an in-depth look at one of America’s leading “critical regionalist” architects. Salmela’s buildings resolve a central question of our time: how to balance the various extreme positions that characterize contemporary architecture and culture. Salmela accomplishes this by juxtaposing opposites: modernist and traditional forms, open and cellular plans, large and small scales, familiar elements used in unfamiliar ways. His projects range from a small stand-alone sauna to commercial spaces visited by thousands of people, and his buildings, mostly located in the upper Midwest, have become nationally and internationally known.


a new firm has been added to the firm links sidebar.

laboratory of architecture [LAR aka fernando romero]
Fernando Romero was born in Mexico City in 1971 and graduated in 1995 at Universidad Iberoamericana. He was president of the student society in 1994. Worked at OMA with Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam, Holland from 1997-2000. In 1999 as project architect he designed the winning competition for the concert hall Casa du Musica in Porto, Portugal (recently inaugurated and considered one of the icons in the contemporary architecture). In 1999, Fernando started his independent professional practice with LCM and in 2005 founded LAR (Laboratory of Architecture) — an architectural firm established with the ambition of addressing contemporary society through a process of architectural translation.


that cool little concrete building in st. louis by tadao ando [pulitzer foundation] has a neat and tidy blog, showcasing everything from photos of events, award-winning videos, and upcoming exhibitions. oh-there's also the contemporary right next door, designed by allied works of portland, or. and when you're done, get in your plane/train/auto/bus and go see these things. you won't be disappopinted.

after all, the whole point of zumthor's books going out of print is so you can experience the buildings. happy travels.

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