Wednesday, February 21, 2007

kuelap 2006

every year, arquitectum international agency sponsors a competition based upon "cooperative or particular clients interested in carrying out an architectural project."
last year the highlighted project was a landscape competition called "kuelap 2006". kuelap is an ancient mayan ruin located in northern peru, south america. despite its appearance, archaeologists believe that it was not primarily used as a fortress, but as a warehouse for grain storage and emergency shelter. the competition called for a design of a new lodge-museum that would honor the existing context in a more natural scenario, rather than a theme park-hotel.

"The proposal had to present an up-dated and accurate image that represented the actual spirit of the present times, but taking into consideration the usual economics of resources and the most suitable materials. It also had to signify the lowest physical investment possible. Furthermore, the project needed to include issues such as an ecological conscience, as well as respect for the landscape and the environment."

the winners are as follows [click hyperlink to go to enlarged image]:

first prize
second prize

third prize

honorable mentions:

first mention

second mention

third mention

fourth mention

fifth mention

sixth mention

seventh mention

eighth mention

for january-march 2007, the agency has selected san isidro: loft buildings in lima, peru as the next private competition initiated by the real estate company arquia. the arquitectum site has an extensive brief about the competition and the city of lima on their flash site.


Reverb said...

so all you have to do for third prize is air lift the tower from the De Young and plop it down in South America? If only I'da known.

archaalto said...

you have to straighten in mid-flight along the way though...