Friday, February 23, 2007

fastracks budget cut

source: denver post

according to planners, construction costs for the anticipated west line light rail are suffering from bloated estimates, and therefore the project scope must be cut by $113M. more on the "healthy" budget cuts here.
fastracks has an overall budget of $4.7 billion to build 5 new light rail corridors over 12 years-one of the largest public transportation expansion projects in the usa. Some facts about fastracks:
-rather than constructing one corridor at a time [typical] which takes decades to accomplish, fastracks is comprehensive regional-wide approach to transit development.
-40 miles of light rail
-79 miles of commuter rail
-18 miles of bus rapid transit improvements
-base bus services to increase by 1% per year between 2006-2020, and 1.5% from 2021-2025
-from 2003-2025 bus service hours will increase by 30%
-financed by voter approved 0.4% tax increase in regional sales and use tax
-$815.4 million in federal discretionary new grant funding; $110 million in other federal grant funding

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