Monday, July 31, 2006

if phillip lewis is right...?

an article on landscape architect phillip lewis at denver.yourhub
Denver... is part of a linear city that really begins in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, CN and runs along the east slope of the Rockies. It intensifies beginning in Ft. Collins, ending in Pueblo, CO.
lewis was inspired to formulate his theories when the first night satellite images of the US were released to the public in the 1970's...
Second is Lewis's belief that our planning needs to have more than postage stamp sized parks and small, fragmented open spaces. We need large, contiguous areas that function as ecological and environmental systems for species other than our own.
maybe that's why central park is so successful?

denver has an law called the view planes ordinance that requires all newly built structures comply with, ensuring that the panoramic views to the mountains from every municipal park are preserved. washington park in particular has a distinct similarity to central park in that it is oriented on a long n-s axis, includes two lakes, perimeter jogging & biking trails, and expansive open lawns. although much smaller in size, the qualities it exudes make it one of the most popular parks in denver.

silent alarm

going to see the talented musical lads from essex tonite. they cancelled last time they were here, so it better be a good one.
bloc party on wikipedia
unofficial fan site

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

still shortlist

the semi-finalists for the new clyfford still museum have been announced. once again mary voelz-chandler from the rocky mountain news is on top of the story.
the short list is as follows:

allied works architecture
david chipperfield
diller scofidio + renfro
ohlhausen dubois architects

a very impressive list to say the least.

the story behind how the museum came to denver is an intriguing one. upon his death still's widow traveled around the usa, in search of a city best suited to house the works within the clyfford still estate [a collection of over 2100 paintings, sketches & sculpture]. denver appealed to her more than any other city, and a site was selected adjacent to the the new denver art museum expansion designed by daniel libeskind.

the museum is scheduled to open in 2009.

wikipedia on clyfford still.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

more ghosts

sorry to beat this topic to death, but there is so much that hasn't been shown yet.
here is another link to the ghost 8 on flickr, with images provided by jason.
and this is an old article, but neverless a radio interview with brian mackay-lyons at the maritime magizine website.

Monday, July 24, 2006

ghost link

here is a link to a small collection of images we took at the ghost lab with brian mackay-lyons. the site is located about 1 hour south of halifax, in a fishing town called lunenburg.

ghost on flickr

the program for this years ghost called for a large building only known to us as "the studio". a 20' wide by 90' long structure that included a cantilevered viewing deck, an outdoor firewood crib, & a second floor loft space that lead to a catwalk above the entire length of the space. in past years, the ghost projects have been constructed entirely of wood. this year's would include the utilization of concrete & steel due to the more permanent nature of the project.
if you haven't seen the book plain modern, it is highly recomended reading for anyone over the age of 14 1/2.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

film tabbing

this could potentially be the finest film of 2006:
the fountain

trailer for the fountain
and this one looks very promising [watch the first 24 minutes]:
a scanner darkly

Monday, July 17, 2006

return from ghost lab

"Imagine flying over the bones of a
ghost village on the edge of the world"

- Brian MacKay-Lyons

we are back and ready to share a monumental experience with our dear reader[s]. after 1 debaucherous week in nyc, and 2 phenomenal weeks in nova scotia we are EXHAUSTED, but much more enlightened [for better or for worse]. the ghost lab 8 was documented thouroughly, and there will be a plethora of images being linked here soon. after a massive sort through all the eye-vomit, i'm sure there will be some images worth peering at, eh?