Wednesday, July 26, 2006

still shortlist

the semi-finalists for the new clyfford still museum have been announced. once again mary voelz-chandler from the rocky mountain news is on top of the story.
the short list is as follows:

allied works architecture
david chipperfield
diller scofidio + renfro
ohlhausen dubois architects

a very impressive list to say the least.

the story behind how the museum came to denver is an intriguing one. upon his death still's widow traveled around the usa, in search of a city best suited to house the works within the clyfford still estate [a collection of over 2100 paintings, sketches & sculpture]. denver appealed to her more than any other city, and a site was selected adjacent to the the new denver art museum expansion designed by daniel libeskind.

the museum is scheduled to open in 2009.

wikipedia on clyfford still.


Reverb said...

wow, it looks like denver really has some interesting things going on these days. is there a strong local art scene, or is there just a big push for nationally recognized projects??

archaalto said...

this project is probably the cooles thing going right now other than adjaye's contemporary [which is way cool but lacks funding right now]. we usually have an "art-walk" the first friday of every month in different areas of the city, and the mayor usually shows up for support. real estate is ridiculous, so that means restaurants are popping up everywhere, as well as new housing projects. denver, like any other US city, is hoping that libeskind's museum [and the art scene in general] will do wonders for it's culture & economy with tourism & the like. now if we can just get the rockies to make the playoffs...