Wednesday, November 29, 2006

self "gratification" and the nasty-ness of it all

it's snowing outside, the roads are treacherous, it's blistering cold & windy [14 degrees F], and everyone's in a nasty mood. not just because of the weather, but because of the news-reeling from the new denver justice center design proposal.

after the recent firing of architect steven holl- this is the design that the local architecture firm klipp has been furiously trying to complete. a denver post article reports on the "gratifying" effort that have gotten the city officials' rocks off. architect dennis humphries states that the building:
"doesn't quite have the spirit" of the previous Holl design...

but forges on with the cliched sound-bites saying the design is:
"bold, fresh" and "a step in the right direction."

and since we're in a nasty mood here today [and eager to spread it], here are some images of the detention center slated to be adjacent to the courthouse. inspiring for all the kids, right?

and in an affort to make it an EXTREMELY nasty day for all...we seem to remember a previous design for the courthouse not long ago [2004] in a galaxy not too far away that was similar.


people must be wondering:
"...why did the city pay all the money and time to select a 'signature' architect, only to fire the architect, and end up with a similar design [with the pieces jumbled around] already done 2 years ago by yet a different firm?"
the answer is not yet clear.

maybe this design is good enough to arouse city officials [and get them out of hot water], but sorry guys-we've had clean up the mess.


Anonymous said...

Who designed the proposal from 2004?

Anonymous said...

2004 is so nice.

GREAT work renderer of renderers!


archaalto said...

2004 proposal is AMD [denver], HOK [st. louis] & Reilly Johnson Arch [denver]

danny said...

The slated detention center looks like it belongs next to a company called Innotech in an Industrial park somewhere in Lenexa, Kansas