Tuesday, August 15, 2006

randy brown design/build

another design/build internship similar to the program by dan rockhill [studio 804], run by fellow k-state graduate randy brown. archinect's student blog page gives us the inside scoop of how the project turned out.
on a side note-we found this while snooping around his website. a development near omaha called hidden creek is endorsing new modern "eco-homes" where you can "sit in your living room and watch the deer, but still be two minutes away from supertarget." amenities include natural prairie tall-grass yards, green roofs, radiant floor heating finished with bamboo, and optional solar panels for electricity.


Mr. Martini said...

Yes but a K-State brainchild could never match KU. GO HAWKS!

Heh...kidding. Actually I have a friend who lives in Lawrence and, dy-hard Jayhawk though he is, would easily hire a K-state grad over KU these days.

Have you seen that Rockhill has a new book out? Not too talk him up too much (personal prejudices aside) but it's a pretty good text.

You know they have a similar development here in Dallas. Kessler Woods Court. Check it out.

archaalto said...

thanks for the links.
I've seen the rockhill & associates book, and i'm hoping he'll put out a publication on the studio804 stuff. his class turns out some great projects. reminds me of my mackay-lyons experience. ksu tried to do something like that, but it ended in scandal and a nicer basement. oh well-
those chickenhawks might be on the up for football...we'll see.

Mr. Martini said...

Studio 804 is doing some nice stuff. Rockhill' spretty good with integrating construction with design. Although, I think he gets a little fetishistic with it. So much of his projects end up featuring "found" materials that they tend to look alike. I love his morphologies though. I've used them for inspiration on many a project. He does need to get a little out of the tube steel, glass and portland cement vocabulary though. One of the projects he did when I was back in school used these beautiful slabs of green stone salvaged from a 50s dorm on campus when it was demolished. I liked that a lot, but when he started using pip steel and metal plow blades as a pseudo classical column shaft and capital, he lost me a bit.

Oh, and if it isn't our football year, we'll still have the time tested rally cry of "You just wait until Basketball Season!"

sloring said...

Just graduated from K-State, and I would tend to agree that we have a much tougher work ethic than those fairweatherd fowl to the East. :) But both Studio 804 and Randy Brown tend to have solid projects, even if Randy can be a bit of a prima donna...