Tuesday, August 08, 2006

denver civic center

the rocky mountain news couldn't wait for daniel libeskind to visit denver again to elaborate on his proposal for the civic center park. soooo-they asked 5 of denver's local architects to contribute sketches of their ideas for public comment. the list of architects are:

William Wenk: founder/principal of Wenk Associates
Yong Cho, co-founder/principal of Studio Completiva Inc.
Steve Chucovich, founder/principal ArchitectureDenver
Susan Saarinen, principal, Saarinen Landscape Architecture
Richard Farley, architect and planner, principal with Civitas Inc.

most of the plans propose a similar solution regarding the surrounding streets: bury them. this would allow for a more pedestrian friendly interface between the city & the park, which in the author's opinion, it severely needs. civic center park has always been perceived [whether founded or not] as a focal point for criminal activites and lacks recreational activities that makes other parks successful. large green spaces in the middle of downtown require an immense amount of planning to have curb appeal & sustain activity. in denver's case, it seems to be a matter of updating a 19th century park to fit today's cultural outlook.

view the designs, and vote for your favorite.

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