Thursday, February 14, 2013

From Architect to Chocolate Spokes

A local newspaper profile on Gregory Crichlow--former architect, now custom bike craftsman... slash natural chocolate salesman.

 Gregory Crichlow, owner of Chocolate Spokes Bike Studio in Denver, works in his shop Feb. 6. From his shop, Crichlow designs and fixes bikes, and also sells a variety of locally sourced chocolate. Some customers stop by just for the chocolate now. Photo by Anya Semenoff, YourHub

Crichlow is an architect by trade, but always had an interest in cycling. He said that when the economy slowed down, he decided to try his hand at what was his retirement dream. He opened the shop in late 2011 and stopped driving in December that year, riding his bike around everywhere. Crichlow said he wears a bow tie every day — even though he does some dirty work — because he saw an old picture of his grandfather wearing a suit and wanted to bring a professional level to the shop.

A path less traveled.

We've been by Gregory's shop a few times, but haven't had the chance to stop in.  Now, we'll make sure it's on our list of pit stops.

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