Monday, July 19, 2010

glimpses of a ghost

there are some glimpses of this summer's ghost 12 in an article over at [with photos taken by builder gordon maclean for mls architects]. special thanks to parkinperspective for the heads up!

ghost 12 'boat house' from the northwest

ghost 12 'boat house' from the southeast

the article also features some past ghost projects as well, but his year's "boat house" stayed within the language of last year's minimalist wooden boxes perched towards a view or over a body of water.

see also some good blog documentation by Cherish Rosas at moxie 5.25

photo of brian's sketch for ghost 12 "boat house" [by]

we will keep our eyes peeled for new images/blog posts, etc. and post the links here.

stay tuned!

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