Monday, March 08, 2010

biennial of the americas

The curator for the Biennial of the Americas, Paola Santoscoy, checks the progress of remodeling in the McNichols Building in Civic Center last week. Santoscoy was hired in January. ( Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post )

the denver post does an article on the curator of the upcoming biennial of the americas, which will take place in denver starting July 2010 and last until August:
The Biennial of the Americas is a month-long cultural celebration of innovation, imagination and the artistic achievement of the Western Hemisphere, hosted by the city of Denver.
the main exhibition will be hosted in the old McNicols building in civic center park, and is currently under a stealthy renovation.

the museum of contemporary art, denver botanical gardens, museo de las americas and denver museum of nature and science will all be hosting sites for a multitude of gallery events, symposiums, roundtable discussions and lectures on the topics of art, architecture, design, innovative technologies, poverty, energy, climate change, material culture, and community cohesiveness by 35 participating countries from the western hemisphere.

if it sounds monumentally epic in scope to anyone else then i suppose it probably is--so why aren't we hearing more about it?

there once existed a website called 'ingoodwetrust', highlighting bruce mau as the chief curator of the biennial 2010, but evidently it no longer exists.

we will be watching closely for the upcoming opening event.


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