Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rodinný dům - ateliér [Family house Kojetin]

Family House Kojetin - photo by: Studio TOAST

stumbling onto this czech architecture newsletter site...
...has been one of the best sources of architectural reference that we have found in years. granted most of the site is in the czech language, but that is besides the point and nothing a little free translation can't take care of...

modern intervention shares a common roof - photo by: Studio TOAST

this particular project immediately caught our attention, due to it's unique site and existing conditions. after breaking some language barriers, we can gather that this residence is located near the eastern border of the czech republic, about 35 kilometers from slovakia. the pre-existing conditions included working around the ruins of an old sandstone barn, first erected in 1862 perched at the top of a rolling hill.

building site context - photo by: Studio TOAST

ruins of a sandstone barn from 1862 - photo by: Studio TOAST

KAMIL MRVA ARCHITECTS were responsible for delicately inserting a modern box within the confines of the barn ruins. the description notes the main design elements were a summer sitting porch, light framed roof, and floor to ceiling glass to allow for the uninterrupted view of the countryside.

archaic exterior shell; modern interior amenities - photo by: Studio TOAST

new interior space - photo by: Studio TOAST

exterior stone walls anchor the interior spaces - photo by: Studio TOAST

experiencing the sun deck - photo by: Studio TOAST

in order to retain the character and function of the existing stone pillars, they were given shape and capped with a concrete lintel, and served as structural bearing points for the new shed roof. once a protective shell now becomes an irregular colonnade which helps frame views and ambiguously define the out door terrace.

a well laid plan--drawing by: kamil mrva architects

exterior elevations--drawing by: kamil mrva architects

like a rural interpretation of the defunct downtown warehouse transformed into lofts [re: lodo denver], this obsolete building program has been given new life.



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