Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ghost lab 11

photo by RShott on flickr

this year's ghost lab has been completed for about a week now, and through evidence at the Ghost 11 flickr Pool this year's lab was quite different from past projects. from the photos, what we can tell is that this year's ghost was a re-construction [and re-locating] of an existing structure onto the ghost village site. being an alumnus of ghost lab 8 ourselves, the documentation of these exploits in nova scotia are always a pleasure to view.

*Update*--here is an article briefly explaining how this year's historically significant ghost 11 came to be:

"...Granville Centre may have lost its Troop [family name] barn heritage landmark, but the 121-year-old octagonal building has found a new home.

Halifax architect Brian MacKay-Lyons bought the historic barn with its vertical faded red clapboard and cupola. Last month he had the barn dismantled, loaded on a truck, and taken to his farm in Kingsburg.

Catherine Pretty of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects writes that the Troop barn will get a new life as part of the Ghost Architectural Laboratory, an intensive two-week design program currently underway in Kingsburg. For background, go to and click on Ghost.

Ms. Pretty says the barn will become a community building on the campus. When it’s finished later this year, the new/old Troop barn will be christened with a Lennie Gallant performance.

The Troop barn was built by William B. Troop in 1888, and is one of two surviving octagonal barns in Nova Scotia. The other one is in Old Barns, just outside of Truro."

we will leave you to discover the ghost photo set on your own. here are some more highlights of ghost 11:

photo by RShott on flickr

photo by RShott on flickr

photo by RShott on flickr

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