Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sixteen doors...incorporated

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INCORPORATED is an architecture firm based in NY, but exudes very down-home design sensibilities. their residences showcase an incredibly restrained vernacular modern aesthetic, drawing upon the past for design concepts just as much as they do the present for achieving a sustainable practice. headed up by principals adam, gabriel, and drew--incorporated has a website that is enviable for its clarity, visual playfulness, and superb quality of imagery. the name of the firm not only refers to the idea of inclusion, but also to every detail of their working process. building information modelling, or BIM, is stressed as a crucial art of the holistic approach to design:

"...choices are not made in isolation, but within the context of aesthetics, price, schedule and performance."
part of their all-inclusive nature-- the firm not only does architecture and interior design, but furniture and product design as well.

a residential project that stands out is named "sixteen doors", referencing a literal connection to the openness provided by the main apertures of the building on each side of the building

the rural retreat is a 1350 sf residence located near hillsdale, ny next to the Massachusetts state line. the architects chose to use traditional American stick framing construction, with local finish materials for cladding.

the house itself was treated as more of a "filter" through the site while moving from landscape through shelter to landscape once again.

flanking each side of the house are large patios to revel in the view of the surrounding woods, and provide as an extension to the interior space when all the doors are completely open.

while the structure's orientation to the sun was not ideal to achieve the best views, deciduous trees have been strategically placed of shading during the summer while allowing light to the site in the winter.

additionally-every good architect not only knows how to harmonize a building with nature, but achieve a harmony within and unto itself. all geometries relate to the golden section and corbusier's "le modular".

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