Friday, February 27, 2009

KU studio 804: 3716 Springfield

those jayhawker kids are at it again with this year's pre-fab prototype over at dan rockhill's studio 804 in lawrence, ks. last year's design/build project focused on a re-building effort of the tornado devastated town of greensburg, ks and the construction of a new arts center [pictured above].

the progress and construction photos of last year's arts center can be found on-line along with the progress photos of this year's project weekly updates. so far, the 2009 "schemata" is at week 7, with foundations ready for pouring. here are some 3d renderings of the current project: 3716 Springfield

this year's structure is a slight departure from the previous models, as the focus is directed towards salvaging used materials. it seems to be less pre-fab, and more in-situ based construction. the most obvious noticeable departure is the incorporation of a gabled roof, wrapped with a full body rain-screen. the past pre-fab prototypes have typically been a flat-roof combination of 4 or 5 modules, fit together on-site. and of course there is the goal of achieving the first LEED platinum rated house in kansas when it is complete:

We plan for active systems to be integrated throughout the building, including grey water recycling, solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal heating and cooling...

the wooden slats being shown on the 3d model will be recycled from the cladding of a decommissioned magazine warehouse. even though the labor required to get the wood back to it's original properties will be laborious, the idea of having an old building be fitted for a new life would give some satisfaction for sustainability on many levels [not going to the landfill for one].

keep track of the studio's progress here.