Thursday, November 13, 2008

fantastic blog: the belly of an architect

the belly of an architect

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two particular good posts on the blog include links to an extensive photo-documentation of a recent Peter Zumthor exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal located on sushilover*'s flickr page.  see also the blog {moshimoshiii}

absolutely astounding images!  if you are in lisbon, this appears to be a highly recommended activity.

also featured on belly is a post titled: Plano B: House in Arruda dos Vinhos

a house built literally inside ancient ruins, and constructed in methods inherent to the existing site.

By assuming the use of industrial materials - asphalt, concrete, polycarbonate - in combination with natural materials - wood, earth and stone – this house is an interesting example of sustainable practice, maintaining a critical approach towards the project as an area for reflection on the expressive qualities of architecture.



sushi lover said...

Thank you for your link.
And Daniel's blog is a really gooD resource!

Just please correct this info: Lisboa is not in Spain! It's the capital of the country NEXT to Spain, Portugal!

Also, unfortunately the Peter Zumthor exhibition is now over.

archaalto said...

Thanks for the correction--too many long hours at the office.