Monday, July 28, 2008

pinohuacho observation decks

archdaily points us south to the chilean countryside, and 2 structures designed by rodrigo sheward architects.
located in an area devastated by a past volcano eruption, the observation platforms were built in response to the growing "agri-tourism" business that is sweeping the country.

built entirely by hand , the architects and locals wanted to showcase the cultural significance and skills of the local woodworking craftsmen by using heavy timber from an unused pile of coigue wood pieces.

plan of the enclosed observation deck

diagram indicating the placement of the structural tie rods

videos on the architects' blog show the highlights of the construction process--from transporting the timber by oxen, to boring holes by hand, and in-situ details done by chainsaw. the enclosed structure is tied together with hidden steel rods hidden within the framing members.

sequencing diagram of the wood frames tied together with steel roods

a view of the volcano which shaped the surrounding landscape

the simple form and openness of the structures seem to allow for solace and connection to the landscape all at once. the nature of the material suggests a rugged adaptation to the climate, but also recognizes the life-cycle of the wood, returning to the earth naturally as it slowly decays, eventually becoming a poetic artifact of human existence.

time to book my flight to chile...


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