Thursday, January 31, 2008

dwell on denver [+adjaye]

Photo by Cameron Wittig for dwell magazine

just ran across this today--in the march 2007 issue of dwell, sarah rich contributed a short blurb about the last [mid] western city before the great divide. denver art museum's curator lewis sharp acts as the armchair tour guide, offering his own perception as well as some public assumptions of the transforming city.

one year later in the march 2008 issue, bldgblog author geoff manaugh contributes a conversation with mcart architect david adjaye, and speaks about doing more public buildings, and the relatively low impact LEED has had on the construction industry in the US:

"LEED certification is lower standard than what I would want to do in a building, to be honest. It is the way a building should already be. We're on track to get a Gold certification [mcart denver]-which is the first for a contemporary art museum in this country [sorry david, i think the GRAM beat you]. i find that hilarious, considering the amount of museums being built here [europe]...

...the problem is that there is no body or guild which seems to be educating the industry. it's a cost-driven, lowest common denominator culture-which gives you efficiency in terms of capitalism, but it doesn't give you evolution. And we have to evolve the notion of construction. Really, builders should be bringing these things to architects..."

on a side note-the new format for dwell magazine has been altered and the size has been slimmed down considerably. it reads more like a collection of short blog posts, which we suppose is a sign of the times, but is it as successful in print format?

the slimmer profile tends to mean fewer ads and more focus on stories, so it's a good thing right?

more "tv" with fewer commercials is always welcome.



karlyk said...

One mayor flaw in your comments... GRAM is the "first newly constructed LEED certified ART museum"... The MCA DENVER is the "first LEED GOLD MUSEUM" in the world. So while GRAM opened two weeks before the MCA, LEED GOLD is much more difficult to achieve than basic certification. There are, in fact, many LEED certified museums, GRAM was just the first art museum. There hasn't been a LEED GOLD museum of any kind before the MCA. Its a major commitment to go for GOLD.

archaalto said...

Here's the source for GRAM green news:


Whoever gets the "gold" first I guess is irrelevant, but they will definitely be two of the first museums to get that title.

But thank you for pointing out that LEED GOLD is the best marketing solution for the sustainable museum of the future...

Frank Lloyd Wrong said...

I prefer LEED Brushed Nickel...