Sunday, October 14, 2007

nerman museum

with not as much fanfare as what came with the nelson-atkins, but still a worthy update on mid west culture...

from the kc star, the nerman museum of contemporary art will soon open its doors to the public [Oct. 27th]. located on the jccc campus and designed by architect Kyu Sung Woo from cambridge, it is basically an austere limestone box [the material was harvested from a nearby bluff] which floats quietly above the landscape. see for yourself... [all images from nmoca website]

the architect proves you can create a "beacon" without it being overly iconic, and the museum proves how to get an extension built without having $1000 per ticket parties.

also take a virtual tour.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that this delicious looking appetizer should be served besides a chef-boy-R-Dee building and on styrofoam plates.

Someone please call KSW back to make that heinous looking brick building appendage go away and for KSW to do the "addition" to the addition.