Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the lab at belmar

fang lijun's exhibition heads incudes a sea of 5,000 tiny gold heads on steel wires at the lab [above photo]

"the lab [at Belmar] is a non-profit institution dedicated to developing, presenting and disseminating creative research in contemporary art and thought..."

the lab at belmar is part exhibition space, part lecture forum, part contemporary art pavilion. the blog [belmarblab] says it all, but after seeing the work of fang lijun, we realized this was no ordinary organization. the lab offers a broad range of activities to the public like art contests on improving images or text [better], and a lecture series [mixed taste] which combines two seemingly un-related topics like "kurt cobain and solar eclipses" or "tequila and dark energy in the universe" and meshes them into one bizarre experience.

even if you live way out in western kansas, you should make an effort to attend these events. here's the 411.


FL-WRONG said...

thought you should see this:

not related to Belmar but didn't know how to contact you.

archaalto said...

i was a part of the justice center design in '04-'05, and seeing things like this and holl being fired, etc. brings back some mixed feelings. this is not an expression of apathy, but more like a revolt that has lost steam. anyway, thanks for sharing.