Tuesday, May 01, 2007

uber-riche denver

images from denverinfill

aiming high
with construction starting this summer and opening in 2009, the four seasons tower looks to include some of the most lavish over-priced residences in the city, and exclude most of the city's residents. designed by carney architects [jackson hole.wyoming], the lowest price tag on a unit is a whopping $800,000 and the most expensive being $8,000,000. 100 or so units will be residences, as the other 200 will be hotel suites-and including amenities totals 1 million square feet and 45 stories.

ugh...anyone else feel fat now?

we suppose that this is a good sign for the economy in denver, if not only because of tourism, but also for the master plan of new construction to accommodate arriving masses associated with the democratic national convention arriving here in summer of 2008.

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