Friday, December 08, 2006


an update on post-occupancy blues at the libeskind designed denver art museum:
those DAM leaks...
NO! not the karl rove kind. the type of roofing concern.
and if you happen to be walking by the hamilton building after a heavy snow-
head's up. you might be caught in an avalanche.
here's what they plan to do about it..
also, the artist for a piece slated near the denver justice center has been selected, in one of the largest subsidized artworks in the history of the "denver percent for art program". the budget is reported as being an easy $1.2 million. new york sculptor dennis oppenheim is known for his abstract conceptual sculptures and land art.

Monday, December 04, 2006

houses at sagaponac

photo by jparchitectus

houses at sagaponac is the dream of the late developer harry j brown. the project consists of 34 houses, each designed by its own starchitect, on a 65 acre site in the hamptons, new york. some notables include: richard rogers, carlos jimenez, eric owen moss, stan allen, samuel mockbee, MVRDV, zaha hadid, steven holl, and the hariri duo.

here's a link to pushpullbar for an inside peek at the ban project under construction called the 'furniture house'. the "walls" are composed of customized cabinetry, intead of conventional framing techniques, for structural support. also-the entire roof is pitched 1/8" per foot in one direction, so there are none of those pesky scuppers or downspouts all over the place.